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Personal Loan

Current Personal Loan Interest Rates

Last Updated 6th Dec 2021

Bank Name Personal Loan Rates Lowest EMI per Lakh
HDFC Bank 10.25% ₹2,137 for 60 Months
ICICI Bank 10.25% ₹2,137 for 60 Months
IDFC Bank 10.49% ₹2,149 for 60 Months
IndusInd Bank 10.49% ₹2,149 for 60 Months
Axis Bank 10.49% ₹2,149 for 60 Months
  1. Current Personal Loan Interest rate Starts from @ 10.25%. Compare Best Offers.

  2. Make your dreams come true with a personal loan. And Repay the loan your way with flexible repayment options.

Personal Loan in Bangalore | Path to Loans

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Depending upon your current financial situation, you may qualify for unsecured personal loans in Bangalore. These loans are terrific for individuals that have good credit and need money rapidly. With unbound loans in Bangalore, you won’t be asked to put up collateral for the cash and the rates are reasonable. On the other hand, for those individuals with poor to reasonable credit, a personal loan in Bangalore can also be secured. What this means is that you will have to provide some type of collateral in exchange for the loan, perhaps a vehicle, valuable jewelry, household goods or a recreational vehicle. Numerous individuals with low credit scores often benefit from secured loans, in light of the fact that out of all the loans for bad credit, these loans probably have the fairest interest rates available.

Moreover, secured personal loans in Bangalore made with a respectable lender may help increase your credit score after several months of on time payments are made. Path to Loans offers personal loan from various banks. All you need to do is simply sign into our site, fill in your basic details and based on your credit score our financial experts take a ton of time to do all research, scrutinize your exact financial requirements, find a suitable lender and ultimately negotiate a better deal you can cope with. Also, we will guide you every step of your journey – from loan application process to the final signature.

Step by step instructions to apply Personal Loan: We streamlined the procedure to get Personal Loan on the web. Anybody can apply Personal Loan by simply filling an application form in our website then our financial experts will check your eligibility or use our eligibility calculator to check yourself. Based on your eligibility we start document collection at your doorstep and login your documents in the selected bank. Your loan approval and disbursement is the last step.

Things to Look at When Applying for a Personal Loan Online in Bangalore:

Personal loans in one of the most popular financial products availed by people. The ease of availing the loans often makes the individuals easily skip some of the vital aspects of personal loans. However, when applying for a personal loan online in Bangalore, make sure to consider all the important factors. Here is the list of things that you must consider.

• Loan Amount

One of the very basic things that you need to consider is the exact loan amount you require. The loan amount will completely depend on your specific needs. Personal loans can be availed for a number of purposes, such as a medical emergency, buying a new vehicle, planning a holiday, or financing a wedding.

Depending on the total expenses, you can decide on the exact amount of personal loan in Bangalore. While the bank executives may convince you to borrow more, make sure to avail only the required amount. The lesser amount you borrow, the easier and quicker it will be for you to repay the loan.

• Interest Rate

The interest rate will have a significant impact on your installment amount. Different financial institutions offer different interest rates for personal loans. Before availing of a loan, make sure to compare the different interest rates. Investing some time in researching the interest rates can help you in selecting the best personal loan at the lowest rate possible.

• Access All Costs

Interest is not the only cost that you will have to bear when availing of an instant personal loan in Bangalore. In fact, there are various other costs such as prepayment fee, processing fee, and late payment fee. Before availing of any personal loan, make sure to gain a clear idea of all the costs involved. It can help you in planning your expenditure well. Moreover, it will also help in managing your finances effectively and repaying your loan easily.

• Monthly Installment

The monthly installment is another important factor that you need to consider when availing of a personal loan. You can make use of the loan calculator and find the amount that you will have to pay every month. Make sure that you are comfortable paying the installment amount finalized.

• Repayment Period

The repayment period is the duration by which you will have to repay the entire loan amount along with the interest rate. Different private money lenders in Bangalore offer different repayment periods. While most people look for longer repayment periods, it is actually better when the repayment period is short. However, when the repayment period is less, you will have to pay a higher monthly installment amount. Depending on your convenience, make sure to finalize the right repayment period.

In addition to these factors, considering the personal loan process is important. Look for financial institutions that have a relatively simple loan application process. When looking to avail Pvt Finance in Bangalore, make sure to consider all the factors mentioned above and choose the right option accordingly. Find a transparent lender for an enhanced personal loan experience.

eligibility :

Resident of India

Atleast 21 year old

Earning member

Have an identity proof

Minimum net monthly
income – Rs. 20,000

Have a valid bank account

Required Documents

1. Passport

2. Voter Identity Card

3. Driving License

4. Aadhaar Card

5. pan card

1. Ration Card

2. Bank Account Statement

3. Aadhaar Card

4. Driving License

5. Electricity Bill

6. Telephone Bill

7. Sale Deed/ Property Purchase Agreement (for owned properties)

1. Last 3 Months Salary Slips.

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